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Describe the itinerary for one of your rides.
The rides all start the same. We expect at least one tourist to be
somewhat afraid at first. After we are all loaded up we head down
to the beach. We start out at a walk to warm up the horses and the
riders. This also gives the guides a chance to sum up the riders'
abilities. As the riders get comfortable we offer to pick up the pace
and offer the chance for you to run. Some are ready at this point
and some are not. All of our customers leave our ranch with a
smile and most of them come back and ride on their next visit.
Nicki's Private Beach Rides (
345-916-3530 or 945-5839) offers
guided 90-minute rides along quiet trails; groups are no larger than four
riders. No children under 12 are accepted. Prices for summer rides begin
at CI $50 or US $63; winter rates are CI $56 or US $70, and transportation
to the departure site is included.
One of the most popular eco-tourism activities in these islands is
birding. Approximately 200 species of birds make their home on
these small islands (50 species are known to breed here), from the
magnificent frigate bird, with a seven-foot wingspan, to tiny humming-
birds and Cayman parrots.
Silver Thatch Excursions offers specialized birding trips to birding
sites such as the Governor Michael Gore Bird Sanctuary, a haven for wa-
terfowl, as well as Meagre Bay Pond, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park,
and the Willie Ebanks Farm to view endangered West Indian whistling
ducks. Founders Geddes and Janet Hislop offer private tours at US $40
per hour or group tours for US $50 per person.
345-945-6588, fax 345-
949-3342, e-mail
We spoke with Geddes Hislop, of Silver Thatch Excursions
How do your tours differ from a traditional guided tour?
Unlike most other tours, Silver Thatch offers a more intimate and
participative look at Cayman's natural and historic heritage.
These are not just sightseeing trips. Participants can expect some
walking and “close encounters” with native plants, wildlife, etc.,
and come away with not only pictures, but an experience.
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