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Scrubby undergrowth becomes thick as you work your way to the north
side of the island, climbing a slight rise. This is the island's driest end, a
place where the terrain becomes marked with tall cacti and century plants
Swimmers and picnickers often head to the excellent beach at Point of
Sand , a.k.a. Sandy Point. Turn right off the main road where you see a
stop sign at the approaching road. The sand is packed for the first half of
the drive, but be sure to stop at the wide section. The route soon turns to
deep sand, so do not attempt to take vehicles down it. It's a long walk back
to town and there are no facilities or telephones in this park.
Beyond Sandy Point lies the East Point , the easternmost point of the is-
land. From here you can see nearby Cayman Brac seven miles across the
channel. This stretch of Little Cayman is nearly deserted, with just a few
cacti overlooking acres of undeveloped land.
The road then turns back south and traces the northern coast of Little
Cayman, a stretch that's a favorite with divers. By far the most popular
area is Bloody Bay Wall, found near where the Crossover Road comes out
on the north coast road. This stretch of coastline is a marine park, safe-
guarding what has often been called one of the best dive locations on the
To sound like a local when saying Little
Cayman, pronounce Cayman with an equal em-
phasis on each syllable (k-man).
Getting Here
Arrival on Little Cayman is half the fun - you land in a cloud of
dust. The dirt airstrip is next to a tiny one-room building that
shades a desk and a phone; this is the Edward Bodden Airport .
Service is available four times per day from Grand Cayman on Is-
land Air . Departures from Grand Cayman on the 45-minute flight are at 8
am and 3:50 pm; return flights depart Little Cayman at 9:55 am and
5:45 pm. Round-trip tickets are US $154; a day-trip package is also avail-
able for US $110. Passengers may check up to 55 pounds of baggage free of
charge; excess baggage is charged at US 50ยข per pound.
Flights are also available on Island Air from Cayman Brac to Little
Cayman and cost US $40, round-trip. Special fares are available for chil-
dren under age 12. Call Island Air at
345-949-5252, Monday through
Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, fax 345-949-7044, or see
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