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By Car
Renting a vehicle for at least part of your stay is often the easiest and most
economical way to get around, especially if you plan to explore. Car rentals
begin at about US $30 per day during the summer months and near
US $50 per day during winter months.
Several rental companies offer pickup at the airport (offices are directly
across from the airport); larger accommodations also have car rental
A temporary Cayman Islands driver's license is required; you can obtain
this from the rental agency by presenting your valid driver's license and
paying the US $7.50 fee. You must be 21 or over to rent a vehicle from local
operators, 25 at larger agencies. Insurance policies of some rental agencies
do not cover drivers under 25.
Remember that driving is to the left throughout the Cayman Islands. Most
vehicles are right-hand drive; most 4x4s have a left-hand stick shift.
A car is not necessary to enjoy Seven Mile Beach, but it is handy if you'd
like to tour the entire stretch of beach and venture to other areas of Grand
Cayman. Rentals are available at several nearby agencies; most offer free
pickup and dropoff at Seven Mile Beach. Rentals begin at about US $50
per day in the winter to US $30 per day in the summer.
If you are staying in West Bay or East End, you'll want a car. Taxi service is
available, but rates to other parts of the island are not cheap. For example,
a taxi from Spanish Bay Reef Resort on the far north side of West Bay to
the airport area of George Town runs US $27, one-way.
For a complete listing of rental car companies throughout the islands, see
page 46.
By Scooter
A popular way to buzz around the island is on a scooter. You must have rid-
ing experience to rent one; expect to pay about $25 per day. You will also
need a temporary Cayman Islands drivers license, as you do for driving a
car; see above. You should know that traffic along Seven Mile Beach's West
Bay Road can be brutal.
Scooters are available for rent at several locations on Seven Mile Beach.
Cayman Cycle Rentals (
345-945-4021) has rentals at Treasure Island
Resort, the Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman, and Coconut Place.
By Bicycle
Prices vary but average about US $12 per day for a 10-speed bike and $14
for a mountain bike. Note that traffic can be extremely heavy along West
Bay Road during morning and evening rush hours. A good option for a
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