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Seurasaari Island and Finland's open-air folk museum. From there, bus #24 returns to the
top of the Esplanade.
Self-Guided Tram Tour
▲▲Tram #2/#3 Tour
Of Helsinki's many tram routes, #2/#3 seems made-to-order for a tourist's joyride. In fact,
the TI hands out a free little map with the described route, making this tour easier to fol-
low. (Helsinki revised the numbering of some tram routes in summer 2013; old tram line
#3T is now #2, and #3B is #3. Signs should be changed over by the time of your visit.)
If you buy a single ticket, just stay on the tram for the entire circuit (€2.70 from driver,
€2.20 from ticket machines at a few major stops, good for one hour). Using a day ticket
(see “Getting Around Helsinki,” earlier) or a Helsinki Card allows you to hop off to tour a
sight, then catch a later tram (runs every 10 minutes).
You can't get lost because the route makes a figure-eight, and an hour after you start,
you end up back at the beginning. The only confusing thing is that the tram has different
names during different parts of the figure-eight; the top-left and bottom-right lobes are #2,
the other lobes are #3, and the letter on the tram's sign changes at the north and south ends
of the route.
A few departures circle only the top or bottom loop, so confirm with the driver before
boarding that your tram will make the entire figure-eight.
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