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Figure 4.24 Temperature levels of geothermal earth heat exchanger measured and simulated in winter.
The volume flows through the tubes are also given
the mutual influence of a field of heat exchangers, a three-dimensional model was
developed with a parallelogram geometry for the discretization.
Both models have been validated using the experimental data from the Solar Info
Centre project and reproduce the measured temperature and power levels well (see
Figure 4.24 for temperature levels in winter using the model for one heat exchanger
The differences between simulated and measured temperatures are slightly higher
in summer, when the seminar ventilation system is switched off and only low volume
flows are used for cooling an activated floor in the foyer (see Figure 4.25).
Figure 4.25 Measured and simulated temperature levels for the earth heat exchanger in the SIC build-
ing. The main deviations occur at low volume flows
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