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Figure 6-4. The Job page for deleteFilesJob
To execute deleteFilesJob from this page, all you need to do is click the Launch button. Spring
Batch executes the JobParametersIncrementer so that everything works. If you launch a job with a
duplicate set of parameters, an error is displayed, and no JobInstance or JobExecution is created, as
shown in Figure 6-5.
Figure 6-5. Running a duplicate JobInstance
As you've seen, there are a number of ways to launch a Spring Batch job: via CommandLineJobRunner
at the command line, using another protocol like JMX and a custom job runner as you saw in Chapter 5,
using a scheduler like Quartz, or even using the Spring Batch Admin web application. However, and
pardon the pun, starting a job is only the beginning. How a job ends can have a big impact on a number
of things. The next section looks at the different ways a Spring Batch job can end and how those
scenarios affect how you configure or execute jobs.
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