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Figure 6-3. The list of jobs in the JobRepository
The Jobs page lists all the jobs that appear in the JobRepository. The number of times each job has
been executed, whether the job can be executed through the current configuration,and whether it has a
JobParametersIncrementer configured or not are all displayed on this page. Notice in this example that
deleteFilesJob has been executed 2,666 times (every 10 seconds adds up quickly). deleteFilesJob is
also the only job that is launchable, so click that link to see how to execute it.
The page for deleteFilesJob , shown in Figure 6-4, starts with the controls required to execute the
job, including a button to launch the job and a text box populated with the job parameters from the last
run. In the case of deleteFilesJob , because it has a JobParametersIncrementer configured, you can pass
the same parameters to the job; Spring Batch handles incrementing the parameter so you have a
unique JobInstance.
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