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<h1> Welcome to the World of XHTML </h1>
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<p> XHTML <em> really </em> isn't so hard either! </p>
<p> Soon you will &hearts; using XHTML too. </p>
<p> There are some differences between XHTML
and HTML but with some precise markup you'll
see such differences are easily addressed. < / p>
Interestingly, most browsers, save Internet Explorer, will not have a problem with this.
Internet Explorer will treat the apparent XML acting as HTML as normal HTML markup,
but if we force the issue, it will parse it as XML and then render an XML tree rather than a
default rendering:
Correct Render
Parse Tree
To get the benefit of using XML, we need to explore if syntax checking is really enforced.
Turns out that works if the browser believes markup to be XML, but not if the browser gets
the slightest idea that we mean for content to be HTML. See for yourself when you try the
examples that follow. You should note it properly fails when it assumes XML and not when
it suspects HTML.
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