HTML and CSS Reference
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N OTE The example presented is quite simple and meant to show the possibility of XHTML if it
were fully realized. Note that as soon as you start adding markup with internal CSS and
JavaScript, the amount of work to get rendering working in browsers increases substantially.
In summary, if a browser really believes it is getting XML, it will enforce parsing rules
and force well-formedness. Regardless of whether rules are enforced or not, without
Internet Explorer rendering markup visually, it would appear that we have to deliver
XHTML as standard HTML, as mentioned earlier in the chapter, which pretty much makes
the move to an XML world pointless.
N OTE As this edition of the topic was wrapped up, the future of XHTML 2 became murky because
the W3C announced that it was letting the XHTML2 Working Group's charter expire. This,
however, should not be taken to indicate that XML applied to HTML is dead; it does indeed live
on under HTML5.
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