HTML and CSS Reference
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#transform9 {-moz-transform: translateX(50px);
-webkit-transform: translateX(50px);
background-color: green;}
#transform10 {-moz-transform: translateY(20px);
-webkit-transform: translateY(20px);
background-color: blue;}
Chrome 2+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3.1+
• Firefox supports this property as -moz-transform and WebKit supports it as
-webkit-transform .
• At the time of this edition's writing, Safari has added in 3-D support to the iPhone
and its development builds. Currently, the transformation functions that are
indicated to be for 3-D only work in this case.
• Many of these capabilities are supported in IE 5.5 by using the filter property and
applying a Matrix function.
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