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This property is used to establish the point of origin when applying a transformation on
an element.
transform-origin: percentage | length | left | center | right [ percentage |
length | top | center | bottom ]
where the first value is either a percentage, a CSS length (which may be negative), or a keyword
specifying the horizontal position, and the second value specifies the vertical position.
If a single value is set, it is assumed to be horizontal and the vertical value is set to 50%.
<img src="logo.gif">
<img src="logo.gif" style="-moz-transform: skewX(55deg);-webkit-transform:
<img src="logo.gif" style="-moz-transform: skewX(55deg);-moz-transform-
origin: 0% 0%;-webkit-transform: skewX(55deg);-webkit-transform-origin: 0%
Original Skew
Original Changed
Chrome 2+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 3.1+
• Firefox supports this property as -moz-transform-origin and WebKit supports it
as -webkit-transform-origin .
• At the time of this edition's writing, Safari has added in 3-D support to its
development builds for Macs. If the transformation is in 3-D, a third number is
expected specifying the z origin. The format is the same as x and y origins.
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