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F IGURE 1-1 Improved markup editing in Dreamweaver
Once you get the hang of markup production, you'll see that, at this raw level, it is
much like the edit, compile, and run cycle so familiar to programmers. However, this
manual process certainly isn't the way that you want to develop Web pages, because it can
be tedious, error prone, and inefficient when thinking of page structure and visual design.
For our current illustrative purposes to learn the language however, it works fine.
Viewing Markup with a Web Server
Ideally, you should aim to test your Web pages as delivered off a Web server instead of just
reading them off a local file system. Not only is this more representative of how your users
will actually experience the page, but it prepares you for later construction of Web pages
that contain server-side programming technologies.
There are many options for employing a Web server. You may decide to run your own
local development Web server on your desktop system or use some hosted server instead.
In either case, you need to get the files somewhere under the Web server's document root
folder so that they can be served out. Very often this directory has a common name like
inetpub , htdocs , site , or www , but it really could be just about anything, so make sure you
check the server you end up using.
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