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F IGURE 2-7 HTML5 works straightaway in many browsers, but not IE.
N OTE Because the preceding “shim” script uses condition comments to make it work in Internet
Explorer, it will not validate well. There are ways around this if you want to use browser
detection. The point of the script is to illustrate the ability to make HTML5 work everywhere.
You can expect that the code will change over time or other hacks will be introduced.
When moving beyond simple HTML5 semantic elements to interactive features, the
situation is a bit dicier. Certainly JavaScript can be used to simulate many features, but until
such features are solidly supported, you should proceed with caution.
Opponents of HTML5 throw out an estimated final version date of 2012 or even 2022 as
a reason to avoid the technology for now. Yes, indeed, some timelines suggest that HTML5
won't be completely final until maybe 2022. Of course, plenty aspects of HTML5 are
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