HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
F IGURE 2-8 Much of HTML5 can work everywhere!
implemented today, and it is more likely that preliminary versions of the specification will
be accepted at the time you read this. If you want to avoid using a specification until it is
100 percent complete, you should note that even HTML 4 has some open implementation
and testing concerns, so you might want to head back to earlier versions. Seriously, what
really should matter with a specification like HTML5 is whether you can use many of its
features. The answer to that question is clearly yes.
HTML5 as a Catch-All
HTML is part of a bigger world. A modern Web site or application really needs much more
than markup and must address style, script, media elements, network concerns, security
issues, user capabilities, and much more. Because of the environment in which it is found,
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