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and R is the gas constant. If Equation (5.6) is valid, then
RT ,
ρ V
that is, the volumetric capacity increases linearly with compression pressure
P . However, the compressed hydrogen gas cannot be treated as an idea gas
due to strong intermolecular interactions, and the equation of state can be
approximated as
tank =
where Z is called the compressibility factor, and is a function of both tem-
perature T and pressure P , as shown in Figure 5.2. The volumetric capacity
can be estimated as
ρ V
ρ V may not be a monotonic
Depending on the compression temperature,
function of P . Table 5.1 shows the calculated
ρ V values at 20°C for a 150-L
FIGURE 5.2 Compressibility factor of hydrogen. Source : Reproduced with permission from Zhou and
Zhou [3].
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