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WidSets server
Dashboard and content synchronization
Account management, dashboard
customization, community activities,
simple widget creation
Figure A.1 Architecture of the WidSets service
engine that is used to interpret the code in which widgets are written,
the WidSets Scripting Language, which we discuss in Section A.3.
WidSets server is a back-end application responsible for synchroniz-
ing the dashboard contents between the web application and the
WidSets Mobile Dashboard.
Widgets are the mini-applications that display relevant data from
selected web services to the end user (see Figure A.2b). Widgets can
be created on the website or by using the WidSets SDK and are placed
on the mobile dashboard, allowing users to access web content with
a single click.
Figure A.2 WidSets on a mobile device: a) WidSets dashboard and b) BBC News widget
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