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extend the WidSets application by creating widgets that can be used in
the dashboard without having to re-install it.
Even though WSL is a different language, it shares many points in
common with Java, making it easy for Java programmers to learn and adapt
to it. For example, the following code is the same in Java and in WSL:
void test() {
int j; /* error, missing assigment */
{ int c = 0;
{ int d = c; /* error, 'c' is not visible here */
Similarities and differences are explained in detail on the WidSets Wiki
at Scripting Language . Check
it out and you will see that becoming productive in this technology is
going to be a matter of hours.
It's important for Java ME developers to learn that WidSets is developed
in Java. It shows that MIDP is a strong platform for developing any kind
of application, ranging from games and media players to a rich widget
engine with a powerful user interface that goes beyond the standard
LCDUI package.
You should also keep in mind that WidSets development is not meant
to replace Java ME. It is instead an easy way of developing mobile Internet
services or adapting them to mobile devices. If you are developing a rich
application that doesn't fit this description, such as a 3D game, an
enterprise application, or a video recorder. you are better off using Java
ME and its powerful APIs. Those applications are much more complex
and have little to do with Internet services which are the focus of WidSets.
A.2 WidSets Architecture and Features
WidSets is an end-to-end widgets platform, composed of the following
pieces (see Figure A.1): is where you manage your account and widgets, search
the library for new widgets, and configure the dashboard with selected
widgets, which are pushed to the WidSets Mobile Dashboard.
WidSets Mobile Dashboard is a Java ME application that must be
installed on the phone (see Figure A.2a). It is the screen where widgets
are displayed to the user, who interacts with them to use the web ser-
vices they represent. The WidSets Mobile Dashboard also contains the
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