Java Reference
In-Depth Information and connect to the device. From NetBeans,
open the project's Properties dialog. In the Deploying tab, select 'Nokia
Terminal connected via PC Suite' as the deployment method. To deploy
the application, right click on the project and select Deploy. The appli-
cation installation on the device starts immediately.
5.3.5 Review
Let's summarize what we have said about the S60 SDKs. We covered the
main features of the emulator, the tools that can facilitate development
using different JSRs, the use of on-device debugging and diagnostics, and
gave pointers to additional tools and resources.
It takes great effort to produce a good SDK and Nokia has certainly suc-
ceeded in producing a powerful emulator and a feature-rich SDK. These
tools ensure a good developer experience and productive development
targeting S60 devices.
5.4 SDKs for the UIQ 3 UI Platform
UIQ device manufacturers may supplement the UIQ 3 Java ME implemen-
tation with additional JSRs, proprietary APIs, and their own development
tools and SDKs. Developers can take advantage of those opportunities by
developing with the additional APIs and using the device manufacturer
SDK, tools and add-on packs.
We recommend that you use an SDK from a UIQ device manufac-
turer. The advantage is that you will benefit from any enhanced toolset,
additional development tools and additional APIs provided by the SDK.
The drawbacks are that it may provide WTK-based emulation, rather
than a Symbian OS emulator. The emulator might look like a Symbian
OS device but it is the same emulator as in the WTK with a different
skin. True UIQ 3 emulation harnesses the Symbian OS emulator and
gives an execution environment as close as possible to a real UIQ 3
Each UIQ version represents significant updates in Symbian OS func-
tionality (i.e., UIQ 3.x equates to Symbian OS v9.x). Within the UIQ
3 platform, there are various minor versions. To find out which UIQ
version your device uses, consult the list at ; the Sony
Ericsson W960i is a UIQ 3.1 device and the Motorola Z10 is a UIQ 3.2
Once you know the UIQ 3 version, download either the UIQ 3 SDK
or the relevant phone manufacturer SDK. We first give an overview of the
generic UIQ 3 SDK before moving on to Java ME SDKs for UIQ 3 devices
from Sony Ericsson and Motorola.
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