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You can download other tools (such as, the SNAP Mobile SDK dis-
cussed in Appendix B) from Forum Nokia. For example, in order to help
you profile the power consumption of your applications, Forum Nokia
( ) has released Nokia Energy Profiler, compatible with
devices from S60 3rd Edition FP1. Install Nokia Energy Profiler, start it,
send it to the background, then start your application and switch back
to the Profiler to see how much the consumption has increased. You
can then fine-tune the application so it uses low-power algorithms and
routines. Figure 5.17 shows Nokia Energy Profiler consumption graphs
for the resource-intensive JBenchmark application (see Chapter 9).
Figure 5.17 Nokia Energy Profiler
The Nokia PC suite is not a developer tool, but can be integrated
with NetBeans to allow you to deploy Java applications from NetBeans
(see Figure 5.18). Download the PC suite that supports your device from
Figure 5.18 PC suite deployment from NetBeans
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