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5.1 Recommended Tooling Approach for Java ME
on Symbian OS
Because of the variety of available SDKs for Java ME on Symbian OS (see
Figure 5.1), we start with a general discussion on which SDKs to use and
when to use them.
Figure 5.1 Java ME SDKs for Symbian OS
We recommend that you become familiar with several of the SDKs that
are covered in this chapter and use the SDK which is most appropriate
according to the development stage you are at or the problem you are
trying to solve. You could use the WTK, Java ME SDK 3.0 (the WTK
successor), Java ME SDKs specific to Symbian OS, your own utilities
and, if you develop with C++, you could even get familiar with native
development tools for Symbian OS.
The question that you should ask yourself is ”Am I using the full breadth
of available tools, at the right times?” If you have a big enough toolbox,
you might find a tool that you have never used before is just what you
need at a particular time. It is safe to assume that most of the time you will
use the WTK or its successor, the Java ME SDK 3.0, in conjunction with
an SDK specific to a Symbian OS UI. You will connect to the device using
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