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Java ME SDKs for Symbian OS
There are many tools for Java development that have a power and
quality that supersedes tools for other development technologies. Java
ME development tools leverage the existing Java development tools by
integrating Java ME software development kits (SDKs) with the standard
Java tools and IDEs. That makes the job of Java developers probably more
comfortable and productive than that of other developers.
Symbian OS provides a common Java ME platform for many phone
manufacturers but there is no single common Java ME SDK for Symbian
OS devices. Instead, each of the phone manufacturers ships its own SDK.
The difference between the various SDKs might not be that big. When
choosing an SDK, the target devices are a primary factor, along with the
number or quality of the accompanying tools and documentation.
Phone manufacturers create a Java ME SDK that includes an emula-
tor which can be integrated with standard Java IDE (using the Unified
Emulator Interface). They complement the SDK with additional tools, doc-
umentation and examples and take steps to ensure that Java applications
can be developed easily for their platform.
As a developer, you can pick from a number of SDKs. This chapter
discusses the various phone manufacturers' Java ME SDKs, providing a
high-level overview; you can find more detail in the SDKs' manuals and
documentation. We assume that you have installed an SDK and used
NetBeans or Eclipse in previous Java development so we do not cover
installation or running a first program. Instead, we indicate the UI platform
for which the SDK is used, whether it is a true emulation of Java ME on
Symbian OS or is based on the Java Wireless Toolkit (WTK), features and
tools in the SDK, features in the emulator and other interesting things you
can find in the SDK from the point of view of Java development targeting
Symbian OS devices.
We recommend that after you read the chapter and get a general idea
about the variety of available SDKs, you download the SDK which is
most appropriate for your project and start experimenting with it.
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