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about the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic or the Nokia N95, you can select the
model from the list or filter the matrix according to device family e.g., S60
5th Edition or S60 3rd Edition FP. 14 Similarly, to find more information
about the Sony Ericsson W960i, you should visit and
identify the UIQ version to which it belongs.
The next step would be to visit the phone manufacturer's online
resources and developer programs. Here you can learn about device
specific functionality. We chose the reference devices to show you
another difference: in the case of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Nokia
N95, the UI platform owner and the device manufacturer are both Nokia.
In the case of the Sony Ericsson W960i, the UI platform is UIQ but
the device manufacturer is Sony Ericsson. So in this case, you have an
additional developer program to go to, Sony Ericsson Developer World
at .
We recommend that you register for both the relevant UI platform
and phone manufacturer developer programs as these are a major source
of information. You can find articles, examples, tutorials, community
support, blogs, 15 discussion boards, SDKs and tools, and much more.
An excellent information source for Java developers is the Java Devel-
oper's Library (JDL), which covers both Series 40 and S60 platforms. It is
available online 16 and can be downloaded as an Eclipse-based viewer or
a documentation plug-in for Eclipse-based IDEs.
To summarize, we suggest that you complement the usual Java ME
resources (e.g., ) with other resources that specialize in Java
ME on Symbian OS. You probably need more than one developer program
but, once you know your way around the Symbian OS ecosystem, you
can get all the information you need quickly and effectively.
3.10 Summary
In this chapter, our intention was not to provide you with final or absolute
answers. but to direct you towards the right questions and the right
mindset to think about Java ME in a Symbian way.
In Section 3.1, we started by running the Java ME Detectors suite
on reference devices that represent different flavors of Symbian OS.
Section 3.2 then discussed the supported JSRs and additional APIs that
you can use.
The lack of hard limits in Symbian OS for computing resources is
liberating for Java ME. It allows you to code freely and focus on what's
really important and not have to deal with workarounds. Of course,
running on a powerful multitasking native platform gives you so much
14 FP stands for Feature Pack.
15 For example, .
16 Library
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