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this option can mean that implementing a mobile application in Java
becomes feasible.
3.9 Finding More Information
Before we finish this chapter, we give you some guidance on how to find
answers to other questions you may have and how to find out information
about other devices. You may need to develop a Java application or
port it to another Symbian smartphone. What should be your approach
when searching for information and where can you find information on a
particular device?
As you have seen, technical competence is not enough when devel-
oping or porting a Java application to a Symbian smartphone. You need
to know your way around the Symbian OS ecosystem. In the Symbian
smartphone delivery chain, different stakeholders carry different functions
and that brings different sources of information. It might appear confusing
at first, so let's suggest a structured approach to finding more information.
Your information quest should follow the same route that a Sym-
bian smartphone, and its Java ME subsystem in particular, follow until
they reach the market. They start in Symbian, move to the UI plat-
form and then to the phone manufacturer. Instead of starting from the
point of view of the phone model, we suggest you start at the com-
mon denominator for all Symbian smartphones: Symbian OS itself. In that have used the Symbian
OS you can find general information about nearly every Symbian smart-
phone that is launched. For example, if you look up the Nokia N95, you
are directed to N95 which provides you
with a wealth of information on the smartphone, such as the history, fea-
tures, specification sheet, and variations. If you look up the Sony Ericsson
W960i, you are directed to EricssonW960
which provides you with similar information. From these resources, you
can also learn more about the main function of the device, the target
audience which uses this device and how to best serve the needs of a
user in that group.
Your next step is to visit the online resources and developer programs
of the UI platform (e.g., S60 for the Nokia N95 and UIQ for the Sony
Ericsson W960i), where you can find generic UI platform information as
well as information for specific device models. You should look for the
UI platform version and for more detailed technical information about
the specific device, the Java ME specification, and the family of devices
to which it belongs. For example, to find more information about an S60
device, we can go to and select a device
model number to see detailed information including: platform family,
lead software APIs and other detailed information. To find information
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