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title of the main semantic web page on the World Wide Web Consor-
tium's website, clearly identifies the topic of the page as well as the
website it is a part of.
Note As an example of the importance of meaningful titles in a web page, try open-
ing several “Untitled Document” windows and then switch between them after minim-
izing them—can you tell which is which before switching? Or try opening the same
pages as tabs in a single web browser window. Can you see at a glance which page is
Also note that if the name of the website is included in the title, the website name
should appear after the page topic title. A similar problem to this can occur when a
company or website name is placed before the actual page title, because the title may
be cropped right to left if it is too long to display when minimized or in a tab, leading
to the actual page topic title being cropped from view.
7 Fits in flow content category only if the scoped attribute is present.
The meta element
The previous chapter introduced the meta element as being commonly used to set the
character encoding for the page, but it is also commonly used to set up a series key/value
pairs of metadata information and instructions. For instance, it may be used for defining
a summary description of the web page or for defining a set of keywords for content on
the page. In creating the “key” in the key/value pairing, the meta element uses one of
two attributes, http-equiv or name , and the “value” part is set using the content
attribute. Here's an example:
<!-- defines a set of keywords for the page's content -->
<meta name="keywords" content="html5, css, javascript, se-
mantic web, web apps"/>
<!-- refreshes the page every 15 seconds -->
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="15" />
Note Historically, search engines used keywords, but today many do not use them
because it is easy to mislead a search engine that depends on this feature for the purpose
of spamming the search results. However, if used properly, there is no harm in includ-
ing them, although it would be important to update the keywords to reflect changes in
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