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5 Fits in flow content category only if the itemprop attribute is present, which is part of the mi-
crodata specification available in HTML5.
6 Like the meta element, the link element fits in the flow and phrasing content category only
if the itemprop attribute is present.
Web page information: title and meta
As demonstrated in the minimal HTML5 example shown earlier, title is the only
compulsory element within the head section. The text between the opening and closing
title tags will be displayed in the browser window title bar. The document title is
an oft-neglected area of the document; you've surely seen pages with the title “Untitled
Document” before. This is unfortunate, because given the proper care and attention, the
document title can provide you and your users with many benefits:
Better search engine ranking. Search engines will factor in the page
title when determining the relevance of your web page to a particular
topic, as well as when determining what to display on a search results
Better convenience. Should your users bookmark the page, the page
title will be used by default for the bookmark name.
Better usability. Identification of both the website and the page in the
same location can help to identify a particular page's association to a
particular website. For example, “Semantic Web - W3C,” which is the
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