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Figure 1-11: The Disable menu.
Several things in the CSS menu are covered by Firebug, but one thing that's pretty nice is the
capability to switch of just the embedded styles, or just the linked styles (as shown in Figure
1-12), or just the inline styles. (Not that you should be using inline styles!) You can even kill
of most of the browser's built-in styles, if you want to see things get freaky.
h e Information menu (Figure 1-13) contains tons of interesting tidbits, including showing
the class and ID information in the document; an accounting of the page's div order; a
summary of the colors used in the page; and more. You can also invoke an element informa-
tion mode that lets you click on any element to view a summary of its attributes and their
values, its position on the page, font information, its ancestor and descendant elements, and
so on. h e Information menu is fairly similar to XRAY in what it tells you; more on XRAY
later in this chapter.
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