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So those are the types of transforms you can carry out. But what if you want to do more than
one at a time (see Figure 7-42)? No problem! Just list them in the order you want them to
.box1 { transform : translateX(50px) rotate(23deg) ;}
.box2 { transform : scale(0.75) translate(25px,-2em) ;}
Figure 7-42: Multiple transforms in action.
In every case, the transforms are executed one at a time, starting with the i rst. h is can make
a signii cant dif erence. Consider the dif ering outcomes of the same transforms in dif erent
orders (see Figure 7-43).
.box1 { transform : rotate(45deg) skew(-45deg) ;}
.box2 { transform : skew(-45deg) rotate(45deg) ;}
h ere is one more transformation value type to cover: matrix() . h is value type allows you
to specify a transformation matrix in six parts, the last two of which dei ne the translation.
Here's a code example, which is then illustrated in Figure 7-44.
.box1 { transform : matrix(0.67,0.23,0,1,25px,10px) ;}
.box2 { transform : matrix(1,0.13,0.42,1,0,-25px) ;}
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