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Figure 1-2: Element layout visualization with Firebug.
On the right side of the HTML tab, you can see the CSS that applies to the currently inspected
element by clicking the Style tab (see Figure 1-3). h is not only can be the stuf you, the
author, have written, but also the things that the browser itself is applying from its built-in
styles. If you see styles from html.css or quirk.css, for example, those are the built-in styles.
(h ese are called “UA styles,” for user agent styles. You can change whether or not they're
displayed via a pop-up menu from the Style tab.)
One thing to note is that sometimes Firebug will show you properties you didn't specify, like
-moz-background-clip. Unless you're sure you declared those explicitly, you can more or less
ignore them. Also, if you use a shorthand property, it will be expanded out into the individual
properties. h at is to say, something like this:
font: 1em "Andale Mono", "Courier New", Courier, monospace ;
...will be represented in Firebug like this:
font-family: "Andale Mono","Courier New",Courier, monospace ;
font-size: 1em ;
font-size-adjust: none ;
font-stretch: normal ;
font-style: normal ;
font-variant: normal ;
font-weight: normal ;
line-height: normal ;
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