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For most people that should just work if your server directory is located on
your Desktop. If that doesn't work, you'll need to edit the file and
change that directory so that the MCSERVER= points to your local Minecraft
server directory. That MCSERVER= setting is how the script knows where to find
the server.
Change your current directory to the HelloWorld directory. From there, run the script (this is what we'll do for each plugin from now on):
$ cd
$ cd Desktop
$ cd code/HelloWorld
$ ./
(Remember, no matter how you actually get to your Desktop, I'll just show it
as cdDesktop from now on for reference. You may need to do a cd~/Desktop or start
at your home directory and go down, depending on your particular system.)
You should see results that look a lot like this:
Compiling with javac...
Creating jar file...
Deploying jar to /Users/andy/Desktop/server/plugins...
Completed Successfully.
Check to see that the file really was installed in the server directory:
$ cd Desktop
$ cd server/plugins
$ ls
Yup, the jar file is in the server directory. Success!
If you get errors, here are a few things to check:
•If you get the error ./ Permission denied you might need to type chmod to give the script executable permission.
•If you're seeing syntax errors, make sure you are using a fresh copy of
the files downloaded from this topic's website, with no local modifications.
•If everything compiles okay but you get an error trying to copy the jar file,
make sure the server directory is correct.
If the script is having trouble finding the server directory, edit and change
the MCSERVER= directory name to the correct location of your Minecraft server. 2
Make sure it's spelled correctly and starts with a “ / ” character so that you have the full
path to your server starting at the root directory.
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