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Plugin: ArrayAddMoreBlocks
Let's play with this a bit. We'll start with the ArrayOfBlocks plugin but change
it to use an ArrayList instead of an Array . We'll call the new plugin ArrayAddMore-
Blocks .
Since we can add to the array list easily, let's make it static:
public static List <BlockType> towerMaterials = new ArrayList <BlockType>();
Then, thanks to the wonder of ArrayList , we can add a couple of blocks to the
new tower each time we call /arrayaddmoreblocks :
public void buildTower(Player me) {
if (towerLoc == null) {
towerLoc = new Location(me.getLocation());
towerLoc.setX(towerLoc.getX() + 2); // Not right on top of player
towerBase = new Location(towerLoc);
for (BlockType material : towerMaterials) { "Building block at " + printLoc(towerLoc));
setBlockAt(towerLoc, material);
towerLoc.setY(towerLoc.getY() + 1); // go up one each time
To reset the list, you use the clear() function, and I've set up a separate com-
mand to do just that:
public void clearTower() {
if (towerLoc == null) {
return ;
while (towerBase.getY() < towerLoc.getY()) {
setBlockAt(towerBase, BlockType.Air); "Clearing block at " + printLoc(towerBase));
towerBase.setY(towerBase.getY() + 1); // go up one each time
towerLoc = null; // Reset for next tower
towerBase = null;
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