HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 5-15 The updated Sitemap page.
It's been another long chapter and you've covered a lot of content, so let's have a quick recap. The chapters get
shorter from now on. Honest.
In this chapter, you learned about the <form> element and the different elements that you can use to define form
fields, including <input> , <select> , and <textarea> . You have also learned about a number of widely sup-
ported input types that make it easier to collect data from your users.
In Chapter 6 you'll learn how to use HTML5 to enhance your web forms. You will be introduced to client-side valid-
ations ( client-side means that they happen on the user's computer, not on a web server), datalists, and loads of new
HTML5 input types. See you there!
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