HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
1. Open the sitemap.html file.
2. Locate the <nav> element in the page header.
3. At the end of the navigation list, create a new <li> element.
4. Within this <li> element, create a new link using the <a> element:
<a href=”bookings.html” title=”Make a booking”>Bookings</a>
5. Save this file and repeat Steps 1 to 4 for each page in your website. You might find it easier to just copy and
paste the new <li> element into the navigation section in each of the files. Don't forget to add the act-
ive class to the link when adding it to the Bookings page.
6. Go back to the sitemap.html and locate the list of links that make up the sitemap. This <ul> element
has the ID sitemap .
7. Using the code from Step 4, add a new link to the sitemap.
8. Save the sitemap.html file.
Figure 5-15 shows how the updated Sitemap page should look in your web browser.
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