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5. In the Insert panel, click the category button to display the category list, and then
click Common . The buttons in the Common category reappear in the Insert panel.
Getting Help in Dreamweaver
As you develop a Web site, you might have a question about the purpose of a certain
feature or want to review the steps for completing a specifi c task. The Help system pro-
vides a variety of ways to get the information you need.
The Dreamweaver Help command starts your Web browser and opens the Adobe
Community Help - Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 window, which provides access to
Dreamweaver information. The Dreamweaver help (Web) link near the upper-right
corner of the page opens Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 online help. There are two ways to
access information about all of the Dreamweaver features. The Using Dreamweaver CS5
list arranges topics by clickable subject categories, similar to the table of contents in a
printed topic. Search looks up information based on the keyword or phrase you enter. The
selected Help topic appears in the right side of the window and can include explanations,
descriptions, fi gures, and links to related topics.
Getting Help in Dreamweaver
• On the Application bar, click Help, and then click Dreamweaver Help.
• Click a topic or subtopic in the Using Dreamweaver CS5 list to display that Help topic.
• Click the Adobe reference only check box, click the Search Dreamweaver content box,
type keywords, press the Enter key, and then click a topic in the search results.
• Click the Close button in the title bar.
• Click the Help button in a window or toolbar (or right-click an object and click Help on
the context menu to display a context-sensitive Help topic or click the panel options
button and then click Help).
• Click the Close button in the title bar.
You'll use the Dreamweaver Help to look up information about the Document win-
dow, the Insert panel, and the Property inspector.
To look up information in Dreamweaver Help:
1. On the Application bar, click Help , and then click Dreamweaver Help . The Adobe
Community Help window opens in your Web browser, displaying the Adobe
Dreamweaver CS5 page.
Trouble? If an Updating: Adobe Help dialog box appears, you may not have
the newest version of Dreamweaver Help. Click Download now to download the
latest version of Dreamweaver Help then click Install now to install it. Once the
updated Help is installed, another dialog box will ask you to Update local help. Do
this too then the Adobe Community Help will appear in your browser. Click the
Dreamweaver Icon to go to the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 page.
You can also press the
F1 key to open the Adobe
Dreamweaver Support
Center window.
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