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The Shockwave movie embedded in the lineup.html page is not at the proper size and
will not play. You'll change the width and height of the Shockwave movie to its original
creation size so that it will display properly in the browser.
To adjust the attributes of the game_promo.dcr Shockwave movie:
1. In the Document window, select the Shockwave movie, if necessary.
In the Property inspector, type 240 in the W box, type 240 in the H box, and then
press the Enter key. The gray square increases in size. See Figure 7-23.
Figure 7-23
Edited Shockwave movie
resized game_promo .dcr
Shockwave movie
2. Click to the right of the Shockwave movie, and then press the Enter key eight
times to add extra spaces to the content div. This ensures that the content div
background displays behind the entire Shockwave movie.
3. Save the page, and then preview the page in a browser. See Figure 7-24.
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