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Web sites are nonlinear, which means that information branches out from the home
page in many directions much like railroad tracks branch out from a train station. You
can think of the home page as the hub or “train station” of a Web site. Just as people
go to a train station to begin a train trip, the home page is where most people start
when they want to explore a Web site. The major categories of information contained
in the Web site branch out from the home page. Just as different sets of train tracks
overlap, the branches of a Web site interconnect through links, and just as one train
station is connected to other train stations, your Web site can be linked to other Web
sites. So people can take many different routes through your Web site and end up at a
variety of destinations.
Hyperlinks can be text, graphics, or buttons with active areas called hotspots that, when
clicked, take you to a related section of the same Web page, another Web page in the
same site, or on another Web site altogether. This interlinking of information from various
places gives the Web its nonlinear nature and even its name.
Links are indicated on a Web page in several ways. When positioned over a link,
the pointer changes from its normal pointer form to . Text links are often underlined
and appear in a different color to distinguish them from other text. A graphic is a visual
representation, such as a drawing, painting, or photograph. Usually no visual indica-
tors distinguish graphics that are links from graphics that are not links, although the
pointer changes to when positioned over a graphic link.
The NextBest Fest logo, located at the upper-left corner of the Web page, is also a link.
A logo is usually a graphic or formatted text saved as a graphic and used by an organi-
zation for the purposes of brand identifi cation. In this case, the logo is formatted text. A
logo is often used as a link to the Web site home page.
You'll review the temporary NextBest Fest Web site, using links to move between
the pages.
To use links to move between pages of the NextBest Fest site:
1. Point to the fest info hyperlink, but do not click it. The pointer changes to to
indicate that the text is a hyperlink. The URL for the new page appears on the left
side of the status bar, which is a banner of details about the window's contents
that appears at the bottom of the browser window.
Click the fest info hyperlink. The Fest Info page replaces the home page in the
browser window. See Figure 1-7.
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