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Fig. 6.2 Details of the Flevoland area (The Netherlands) viewed from above in 2D ( left ) and in
3D ( right ), using Google Earth. Note the difference in colour for some of the details, which is due
to different dates for the aerial photographs
Fig. 6.3 Example of a 3D view of a coastal village (Collioure, France), with 3D extruded buildings
of visualising landscape, for example “Our Visual Landscape” (Ascona, Switzerland,
1999) or “Futurescapes” (Belfast, UK, 2002), resulting in special issues of the
journal Landscape and Urban Planning (Lange and Bishop 2001 ; Lovett 2005) .
Specific software have been developed (Perrin et al. 2001 ; Bishop et al. 2005) ,
which increasingly benefit from recent advances in technology, such as visioning
hubs or immersive tools (Sheppard 2006 ; Salter et al. 2009) or augmented reality
(Ghadirian and Bishop 2008) . Some freeware and/or open-source software have been
developed in addition to those proposed by commercial companies (for example
Geomantics in the UK which proposes freeware versions or more complete
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