Environmental Engineering Reference
In-Depth Information
Fig. 4.6 Model component diagram. The MODCOM adapter component is not represented in the
diagram (see Fig. 4.7 )
the documentation of each component. Note that in APES, model components are
encapsulated in an adapter class inheriting from a MODCOM class so that the
MODCOM framework can be used, as described in the following section.
The MODCOM Engine
Components exchange data via the modelling-framework MODCOM (Van Evert
and Lamaker 2007) , which was developed by PRI. MODCOM is a software
framework that facilitates the assembly of simulation models from previously and
independently developed component models. It offers connectivity, time and state
events, and numerical integration. APES components are registered via adapters to
the MODCOM application which serves as the model engine, implementing the
Adapter pattern as shown in Fig. 4.7 .
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