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If you are interested in learning how to create websites, beginning to use coding like HTML5
is a wonderful way to do so. This ebook will take you through the steps of creating a basic
website, and tell you everything that you will need to know. However, there are practically
limitless things that you can do with HTML5. It would be impossible to include everything
in any single guide, and many of those things would be quite complex to learn. This guide is
directed at beginners, and even some intermediate users. Now that you know this is the right
guide for you, please move along to the next section.
As you might already know, HTML knowledge will allow you to create websites, from the
ground up. However, there are already countless tutorials and lessons for using HTML. This
book is about HTML5 , and all of the brilliant, new things that this latest version of HTML is
capable of. For that reason, some of the basics of putting a simple HTML website together
are only glossed over here.
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