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What is HTML5?
In the past, websites were made using “front-ends”, like CSS, Javascript, and of course
HTML. They are thought of as being at the front, because they basically control what a
website looks like, when a user views it. While they started out being relatively primitive,
if comparing them with today's standards, they have certainly flourished into very modern
technologies. There has been a drastically refreshing boost in the types of features that can
be used today, with things like HTML5, which would have never been thought possible
without using a complex “back-end”, such as Perl, Ruby On Rails, or PHP.
What is the biggest refreshment in front-end technology? You might have guessed that it is
HTML5. This comprehensive guide for beginners will teach you more about what HTML5
is, what is can do, and then teach you the basics of how to use it. However, you do not need
to have existing experience with creating websites to use this topic, although it would be
helpful to have.
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