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Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Name
You might have guessed that finding a great domain name plays a big part in how popular
your website will be. If you want to create a website that is about trading cards, it would
make sense to try and include something about trading cards in your domain. There would
be no point choosing the domain “” because people would have
absolutely no idea that they could find information about trading cards there. In addition, it's
kind of a silly name, don't you think?
Here are some more tips for coming up with the perfect domain name for your website:
Length. Keep is short and simple. No one wants to try and remember a domain
name that goes on for half a line of text. In fact, they probably won't bother, so keep
it short.
Clarity. Don't use something that is hard to spell or type, because people might
visit the wrong site by accident, or just forget the name of your site. If your business
or website has a tricky name, try to come up with a domain that still tells people about
your site, but is easier to type.
Meaning. As discussed above, your domain name should mean something, in re-
gards to your website. The best domains should actually tell people what a site is
about, before they even pay it a visit.
SEO. You might not know anything about ranking on search engine searches,
but it's important. Your domain name is considered for Search Engine Optimization
(SEO). Choose a domain name that is related to your content, contains proper words,
and also words that you use often on your website.
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