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Picking the Best Domain
While this is a lot less technical than most other aspects of creating a website, it is one of the
most important steps. Put simply, the domain name is what you type in, or link to, when you
go to a website.
For example, it might be “”.
Have you ever wondered how all these different website were given their domains in the
first place? In order to create your website, you will need to register a domain. You can do
with with your web host company, as part of your plan, or register separately with another
company. It shouldn't make much of a difference to someone who is starting out, as long as
you can trust the company that you register with.
Once a domain is registered, it is made unavailable to anyone else in the world. If you were
to register the “” from the example above, it would be yours, for as
long as you continued to pay ongoing registration fees.
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