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HTML5 Markup Basics
Put away those permanent markers, because markup has nothing to do with drawing all over
your wall. You might have been wondering what HTML actually stands for. It means Hyper-
text Markup Language, which is basically all of the code that is used to create the structural
parts of webpages. HTML does not actually create the styles, which is a whole different top-
For now, you are going to learn how to create a basic webpage, without worrying about how
it will actually look. That can be done at a later time. For now, focus on the fundamental
Make a new folder on your computer, and label it with the title of your website. Since it will
only be used as part of this guide, you can just make up any old name for now.
The next thing you need to do is open Sublime Text 2 (or another text editor, if you have
decided to use something else). Make a new file, save it in the folder that you just made, and
name it “form1.html”.
Next, you are going to write some actual code. You will notice that Sublime Text 2 changes
various parts of your text into different colors, and also suggests different tags for you. Don't
worry about that just yet, but it will become extremely helpful as you start to do more cod-
ing. You will also notice numbers along the left side of your text area. This is simply an easy
way to keep track of things, and has some other uses.
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