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In-Depth Information
Word processors might be wonderful for writing essays and letters, but they are completely
inappropriate for coding. They include a lot of extra formatting, and generally make files
that Internet browsers do not get along well with. You will be creating your HTML5 code in
the file format of “plain text”.
In order to make plain text, and edit it, a text editor is required. There are lots of different
programs to choose from, and many of them are free to download and use. A very popular,
free, text editor for Windows is Notepad++ . If you are using a Mac, you might like to try
TextMate . For those of you running Linux, your OS might have come with Gedit installed
already, or you can download it yourself.
This tutorial will be using Sublime Text 2 , since it can be installed on Windows, OSX, and
Linux. While it is not free, the trial period has no cut-off date, so you are free to keep using it
for as long as you like. Download it and then complete the appropriate installation process.
Lots of Patience
This is something that many guides fail to tell you about. Learning how to code websites,
from scratch, using nothing but a text editor — is not for everyone. It requires patience, and
the will to keep on trying. You are not going to understand everything right away, and some
concepts might continue to allude you for some time. Just remember that everyone has to
start from the beginning at some point; the best thing to do is keep your cool, and stay pa-
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