HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
With this last line you add, versions of Internet Explorer less than or equal to version 6 are given a basic stylesheet
that removes all but the necessary styles from Cool Shoes & Socks and any other page you care to add it to in the fu-
In this chapter, you made the Cool Shoes & Socks web page cross browser compatible for desktop browsers—not
the easiest of tasks but one that is essential. Each browser now displays Cool Shoes & Socks without issues and at a
level it is capable of.
The steps you took to provide a basic experience for Internet Explorer 6 may seem radical, but with Internet Explorer
6 having a very small market share now—and not even Microsoft supports it anymore—that experience still
provides any remaining users of Internet Explorer 6 with all the content the page has to offer. They just don't get the
bells and whistles.
In the next chapter, you use media queries to make the page change based on the attributes of the device it is being
viewed on, making mobile experiences in particular richer.
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