HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 15-8 The Cool Shoes & Socks web page viewed in Internet Explorer 6.
Using Andy Clarke's ( ) Universal Internet Explorer 6 Stylesheet , you can achieve this result easily.
1. In index.html, modify the <link> reference to styles.css so it is wrapped in a conditional comment, like so:
<!--[if ! lte IE 6]><!--><link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/styles.css”
type=”text/css” /><![endif]-->
This lines hides the main stylesheet from Internet Explorer versions 6 and below but still allows it to apply to
everything else.
2. Below the <link> reference to styles-ie7.css, add the following line:
<!--[if lte IE 6]><link rel=”stylesheet” href=”http://universal-” media=”screen,
3. Save index.html.
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