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Fig. 4 Geology of the imbricate thrust zone (Reproduced from Anma et al. 2002 ). ( a ) A route
map along the track of the Dive 6K#522 in the 3rd ridge (see inset of Fig. 1c for the map area).
Locations of outcrops in ( b )-( h ) are indicated. ( b ) A fault with north downthrown at the northern
margin of the 3rd ridge (FOV ~ 8 m). ( c ) Strata dipping gently to the north (FOV ~ 5 m). ( d )
Folded strata (FOV ~ 2 m). ( e ) Stretched vein (FOV ~ 0.5 m). ( f ) Shear fabric with north upward
sense-of-shear. ( g ) Turbidite sequence dipping moderately to the north. ( h ) Development of
foliation. ( i ) Anticline and transposed fault. Strata dipping moderately to north at the base of the
outcrop steepened upward. An anticlinal structure developed at the middle was transposed by a
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