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Fig. 3 Structures of the accretionary complex in the Nankai trough. ( a ) Oblique view of
Shionomisaki canyon. Vertical scale is exaggerated to show lineament trending NS and trough
channel buried by fan deposit at the mouth of Shionomisaki canyon. A WSW-trending ridge is
developed in the fan deposit, and the southward trending mid-axis of the canyon swings to a
WSW-orientation. White arrow : estimated flow direction. ( b ) Stereonet plots of S-poles to bed-
ding planes ( left ) and of faults ( right ) in the 1st ridge (Dive 6K#938). Sub-horizontal strata are
open folded about an axis trending S80E. Both thrust and normal faults strike WNW-ESE.
( c ) A plot of S-poles to bedding planes in the 3rd ridge (Dive 6K#522). ( d ) A stereonet plot of
S-poles to bedding planes ( left ) and a Rose diagram for joints in the 5th ridge
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