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<form action # "Main.jsp" method # "POST">
User: <select name # "user">
<% Iterator actors # org.getAll().iterator();
while (actors.hasNext()){
Actor user # (Actor);
try {
%> <option> <% # user.resource_name() %><%
} catch (WfBase.BaseException e)
{ %> <!-- user with no name --> <% }
<br><input type # "submit" value # "Login">
The user interacts with the Main.jsp page. The page first loads the infor-
mation about the user either from the organization, if the user is arriving
from the Login page, or from the session.
The page contains three sections. The first section contains the work list.
For each assignment of an open activity there are the summary of the
activity and a button to see the details and complete the activity. The second
section contains the list of processes started by the user. For each process
originated by the user it shows the name (and key), state, description and
a link to the detail page. The third section presents a list of the process
definitions available in the catalogue.
<%t@ page contentType # "text/html" language # "java" %>
<%@ page import # "WfEngine.*, WorkflowModel.*,
java.util.Iterator" %>
// takes organization and catalog from context
Organization org # (Organization)application.getAttribute
WfEngine.Catalog cat # (WfEngine.Catalog)application.
// takes the user name from the request
String userName # request.getParameter("user");
Actor user;
if (userName! # null ){ // i.e. arriving from login
user # org.getActor(userName);
} else { // returning from other pages
user # (Actor)session.getAttribute("user");
<html><head><title> Workflow </title></head>
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