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// return the number of available resources that
// have coordinate name equal to value
private int sumAvailable(String name, Object value){
Iterator it # resources.iterator();
int sum # 0;
while (it.hasNext()){
Resource resource # (Resource);
if (resource.match(name,value)){
sum !# resource.available;
return sum;
The class ResourcePreference represents the preferences for limited
resources. It inherits most of the methods and attributes of class
PreferenceMap . In addition there is a link to the ResourceAllocator . In par-
ticular, the methods decrease() and bestProposal() are overridden; they call
the version defined in the superclass and then they return the closest valid
proposal. The key method is closest() : it finds the closest valid proposal.
package booking;
import Negotiation.*;
import java.util.*;
public class ResourcePreference extends PreferenceMap {
ResourceAllocation resources;
Specification spec;
public ResourcePreference
(Specification spec,ResourceAllocation resources ){
this .resources # resources;
this .spec # spec;
// decrease the value of an attribute in the proposal
// (i.e. substitute the value with the one having rank
// immediately lower) return the closest valid proposal
public Proposal decrease
(Attribute attribute, Proposal proposal){
if (resources.valid(proposal)){
return proposal;
Proposal close # closest(proposal);
return close;
// return the best valid proposal
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