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>In the course of the construction of Kajaran builders found Roman helmets and shields.
2000 years ago the Roman legions were routed here. Since then no enemy has ever set foot
in Kajaran.
>The city of Goris - the crown of Zangezur highland is situated in Syunik region at a
height of 1400 above sea level.
Goris is a city-garden, the pride of Syunik and a wonderful resting place. The River
Vararak is the ''border" between the new and the old cities. Surrounded by forbidding rocks
Goris is miraculously beautiful. On the right river-bank is the town covered with greenery,
on the left - the labyrinth of stone hills.
To the right of the road leading from Goris to Tatev, in the valley of the River Vostan is
situated the fantastic "Bridge of Satan" where you can have a bath both in the warm waters
of natural mineral springs and the pools of the comfortable and modem sanatorium built on
the steep rocks of the gorge.
A short rest in the "Springs of Satan" charges the tourists with energy before mounting
up to the outstanding Tatev Monastery the walls of which are built on a high rocky cape. It
seems as if you are ascending by a spring the winds of which are the road leading to Tatev.
With every wind of the road a new unique panorama opens up.
The majestic Tatev Monastery tormented during centuries is situated on a height, left to
the River Vorotan. In the course of many centuries Tatev was the residence of the bishops
of Syunik as well as an educational and cultural centre.
Nine centuries ago a university was founded in Tatev where such subjects as astronomy,
mathematics, philosophy and languages as well as music and fine arts were studied.
Tatev, the centre of medieval Armenia, was called the second Athens. The university of
Tatev lasted until1441. The fortress and the monastery were erected in the centuries IX-
Very few archeological excavations were held in this region despite the fact that it
has such historically significant monuments as Tatev Monastery, Vorotnavank: Monastery,
Kusanots Nunnery of Shinuhayr, Mets Harants Nunnery of Halidzor, 3 tombs of Harzhis of
the Bronze Age, medieval cave-dwellings of Khndzoresk, etc.
Another noteworthy town of the region is Sisian which is situated on the terrace of the
valley of the river. Sisian is situated juncture of the rivers Vorotan and Sisian. It is a well-
planned and comfortable town with broad asphalted streets and green plantations. In the
historical museum of Sisian there are examples of pottery of the 2nd millennium BC and
other objects. Hatsavan (a medieval bridge and a ruined medieval castle) is situated down
the River Sisian and nearly 7 kilometers from Hacavan lie the ruins of Karmir Monastery.
Vorotnvank Monastery and Vorotnaberd .
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